About Us

roof workWho We Are:

Renewing Homes Greater Augusta  is an all volunteer organization functioning in the Staunton, Augusta County and Waynesboro region. Our mission is to accomplish, at no cost to the homeowner, critical home repairs and modifications for elderly, disadvantaged and disabled homeowners of Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County so that they can live in their own home with dignity in a safe, warm, dry and accessible environment.

Who We Help:Sutton_2comp

We provide our services for low income, elderly, disabled or disadvantaged homeowners in Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County. Unfortunately the number of these persons and families increases each year. We provide our assistance to as many of these as our donated funds and volunteer labor permits us to. In recent years we have been able to provide help to 35-40 homeowners each year. With increased donations and volunteers we can do more. Typical jobs include roof replacement, wheelchair ramps, accessibility modifications and general repairs.

How We Do It:Sutton_1comp

We receive requests for service from the local social service agencies, churches, individuals and local government agencies.

Upon receipt of a request for service, Board Members visit the home to assess the needs and eligibility. A Work Scope is prepared which includes the qualifications of the person or family (income level, health or physical circumstances, home ownership, etc.) and a description of the repairs and improvements required to permit the occupants to live in a safe, warm, dry and accessible home.

At regularly scheduled meetings the Board of Directors review project applications. Upon determination of eligibility and feasibility the project is approved. The Board then recruits volunteer persons or groups with the requisite skills and desire to execute the project. The Board then provides coordination and logistical support as needed to complete the project.

Drilling cross beamsOur Funding:

Renewing Homes Greater Augusta relies on donated money to purchase materials for our projects. We have been generously supported by local funding agencies. On some projects the volunteer group supplies the materials as well as the labor thus enabling us to accomplish more.

Our funding comes from a variety of sources:
Clubs and Organizations